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About This Project


Create and maintain a 1-stop comprehensive calendar of shows, events, and other gatherings to help promote the works of artists and venues in the Americana/Roots scene in the greater Denver, CO area.

Each listing includes info on:

  •  Band/event organizer website (if one can be found)

  • Description of music styles to be expected (either self-reported by the band or my best guess)

  • Cover charge (if any) 

  • Venue website and what they serve

  • Most venues are assumed to be 21+, unless otherwise indicated


It is my hope that not only visitors and new-towners find this a good resource to fill your social calendars, but also to encourage longtime local fans and artists to take time to check out and support other events outside of their usual circles. The more we show up for each other, the larger the community grows!

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The Mission

Develop and nurture a safe, inclusive community of like-interested/like-minded folks (regardless of which demographic checkboxes you fall into), who want to support the arts and each other.

Fundamental to this is the fact that it's really hard to find out what events are going on when and where, in a timely fashion. It's especially difficult to plan ahead or find something to do on a whim (and know what you're in for) within the Americana/Roots/Retro scene that so often fall under the radar of mainstream media.


For visitors, new-to-town-ers, folks who have to book babysitters or otherwise have really packed calendars-- I feel you! And so I created this project for me and you.

Really, we all want to have fun and share fun, right?


The Community

We are a collective of artists, venues, and fans who love and support the Americana arts in its many forms.

Creating communities in celebration of the multicultural mosaic that gives us a sense of fundamental commonalities while acknowledging our unique personalities.

The Instigator / Creator / Editor

Howdy! Call me Marleen.

I'm a recent transplant from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, California, where I worked in event planning, nightlife and alternative arts entertainment industry for 20 years.

I've been a performer, show producer, and striptease teacher (running my own school for well over a decade), and since the pandemic, I've switched gears to focus on music management and marketing. My passion lies in community building, especially within the retro/Americana scene.




Cruise Director. Ambassador to the Swing / Roots / Americana scene.

You'll likely see him on the dance floor dancing with various follows, holding an impromptu dance lesson with a couple, or singing AMAZING karaoke!



Keeping the scene alive. Amateur photo documentarian in 

Rockabilly Jive and Country Swing.

When Kat isn't dancing with BillyFrank or other willing dance partners, she's visiting with friends and taking lots of photos.


Image by Amer Mughawish


Want to be a contributing member?

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Future Plans


Help facilitate more and more community building efforts, cross-promotions, partnerships amongst artists/makers, venues, and supporters... 


Over time, develop and produce an annual Denver Americana Festival that celebrates all the things our community (musicians, dancers, makers, super-supporters, venues) will have created together--
for fun and profit!


Did we miss something?
Make a mistake? Let us know!

DISCLAIMER: All listings are curated from a variety of sources, presented without comment and for informational purposes only. 
I do not receive any perks nor sell ad space. This is meant to be a community-driven project to help nurture the local scene.

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